Network Transformation Through Connectivity and Interoperability

Elevate communications operations with connectivity solutions that simplify networks, open new revenue opportunities, and empower global connections. 花季传媒鈥 connectivity solutions connect carriers globally that future-proof your networks with enterprise network transformation.

花季传媒 Reduce Cost

Reduce Costs and Simplify Your Network

Your network is at its most cost-efficient without complex TDM infrastructure.

花季传媒 Scale

Scale with Confidence

Our OPEX-based model provides a flexible solution that scales up and down to any-sized network.

花季传媒 Management

Let Us Handle Management

Minimize your operational risk with the established expertise of the 花季传媒 Operations team.

Digital information travels through fiber optic cables through the network and data servers behind glass panels in the server room of the data center. High speed digital lines 3d illustration

ISUP Trunk Signaling & TCAP CLASS Services

The 花季传媒 network infrastructure provides signaling for call routing and access to intelligent services for all service providers. Our network is designed for maximum diversity and routing efficiency. Working with 花季传媒, you can reduce the complex and expensive engineering involved in managing your network operations.

Global Connections

Greater Coverage and Reliability

Enjoy greater link diversity, efficient routing, and direct access to all Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs) and major Incumbent
Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs) for Local Access and Transport Areas (LATAs) access utilizing only the 花季传媒 network. Our IP backbone handles large bursts of traffic for efficient service even during peak traffic.

花季传媒 Management

A Full 花季传媒 Partner

We are a single-source access provider of intelligent network and data services. Evolve to next generation services with our guidance in support of IP protocols and standards, including SIGTRAN, SIP, and ENUM.

High Quality Service and Support

Providing Superior Customer Support

花季传媒 will help you manage your network with customized network reporting, proactive monitoring of your network traffic 24x7x365, and notification of significant growth. Our dedicated, experienced design and implementation team will work with you to set up the most efficient network plan.

花季传媒 Voice Internetwork Packet eXchange

Leverage a Single Connection Service for Worldwide Voice Peering

The 花季传媒 Voice Internetwork Packet eXchange (IPX) service provides a globally secure, scalable MPLS connection between networks, originating and terminating voice calls among wireless, wireline and cable operators, as well as providing managed access to value-added content and service providers. Determine peering partners easily with visibility on interconnect voice traffic. Access to E911 providers with an Emergency Breakout architecture.听

花季传媒 Network

Increase Network Scalability with 花季传媒 Mobility Signaling

The 花季传媒 Diameter Signaling Service provides a single interconnect point to other networks and relieves LTE and IMS endpoints of routing, traffic management and load balancing functions. It eliminates mesh topology, simplifies interoperability and enhances network scalability.

Be Future Focused but Relevant Today

花季传媒 provides a scalable, robust architecture necessary for delivering in-demand data services essential to monetizing network assets now and in the future.

Utilize Comprehensive Network Troubleshooting and KPI Tools

Access a suite of network visibility and business intelligence tools provide an end-to-end view of diameter message traffic traversing the 花季传媒 network.

花季传媒 Scale

Scale Without Worry

花季传媒 combines topology hiding with efficient and correct handling of diameter signaling, including relay, redirect, proxy and translation.

Ease Migration Pain Points

Ease Migration Pain Points

Centralized protocol mediation allows you to maintain legacy nodes and avoid temporary investment in new functionality and capacity for interworking purposes.

Experience Multi-Vendor Flexibility

Experience Multi-Vendor Flexibility

Mediation of diameter variants provides interoperability between multi-vendor endpoints, giving you the freedom of choice.

花季传媒 Reduce Costs

Reduce Cost and Complexity

花季传媒 performs routing configurations for new endpoints in the diameter agent, simplifying expansion and helping to reduce costs associated with provisioning, maintenance and interoperability testing costs.

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