Transaction Network Services (花季传媒), a global leader in payments infrastructure and managed connectivity services, has launched Complete Commerce 鈥 a full-stack, modern and secure payment and network capability.听

In a rapidly changing payments landscape, from evolving consumer behavior to regulatory demands and technology modernization, enterprises are pressured to deal with these ongoing complexities while delivering a user-friendly, reliable, and secure customer experience to meet the needs of the modern consumer. Complete Commerce helps solve this payment complexity by leveraging a single supplier relationship and reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) across the enterprise鈥檚 technology environment.

鈥淏y offering a PCI DSS certified, fully managed service for payments and network connectivity, Complete Commerce enables enterprises to accept virtually any type of payment method, online or in-person with 花季传媒鈥 range of terminals – unattended, at the pump or in-store,鈥 said John Tait, Global Managing Director of 花季传媒 Payments Market. 鈥淚n addition, our secure connectivity product suite enables enterprises to connect payment devices, retail sites and cloud environments to 花季传媒鈥 carrier agnostic, global, private network.鈥澨

花季传媒鈥 extensive network intersects with acquirers, processors, loyalty, and alternative payment providers across the globe to facilitate mission critical payment message transmission. The 花季传媒 cloud native payment orchestration stack with rich functionality allows payments to be processed real time to multiple end points across the globe.听

Complete Commerce is also supported by the latest security standards across payments and network connectivity including PCI DSS certification, PCI P2PE validation, and PCI PTS v6.x devices.

The solution leverages 花季传媒鈥欌Accept, Connect and Orchestrate payment portfolios, 花季传媒鈥 global footprint, and decades of payment industry expertise to deliver a unique, single partner enterprise capability for running mission critical payments infrastructure.

鈥淭he combination of 花季传媒鈥 portfolios allows us to provide enterprises with unique insights through 花季传媒鈥 portals, monitoring and measuring transactions across the full enterprise commerce ecosystem,鈥 added Tait. 鈥淭his will help enterprises reduce technical complexities, while modernizing and future proofing their payment and network connectivity strategies. With Complete Commerce we can help solve these pain points by bundling a range of omni-channel and connectivity services together and providing a single partner with a unified view of business operations.鈥

Previously, large enterprises would need to deploy a combination of solutions with siloed partners and fragmented payments technologies for in-person, online and connectivity solutions.听

花季传媒 is a global leader in providing payment terminals, security, and payment orchestration services but a transaction cannot be processed without connectivity. What makes 花季传媒 unique and reliable is that it does not use a third party for connectivity but instead transmits transactions via a secure core network designed and built by 花季传媒 for the payments industry. 花季传媒 enables around 35 billion payment transactions around the world each year for the largest acquirers and financial institutions. Its solutions are scalable, agnostic, and actively monitored 24x7x365 from four global Network Operations Centers in the US, UK, Australia, and Malaysia.听

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