Transaction Network Services (花季传媒) today announced the commercial availability of TN Insights a powerful addition to its Telephone Number Reputation Monitoring service. The solution provides enterprises with critical intelligence and visibility into calling behaviors to effectively reach customers and achieve optimum business outcomes.听

TN Insights is an innovative and comprehensive reporting tool that presents outbound call data metrics, including calls answered, declined, blocked and missed, along with contact rate and duration analysis. In addition to these core metrics, enterprises can gain access to advanced reporting to benchmark their calling practices against industry peers when it comes to answer rates, as well as when and how often subscribers are being called.听

鈥淭he onslaught of robocalls and erosion of trust in voice calling is creating unprecedented challenges for enterprises to reach customers and protect their brand from robocall bad actors,鈥 said Denny Randolph, President of 花季传媒 Communications Market. 鈥TN Insights addresses these pain points by empowering enterprises with advanced reporting tools to identify and reduce negative reputation scoring, proactively manage and set optimum calling practices, and promote a superior customer experience.鈥

TN Insights is part of 花季传媒鈥 Enterprise Authentication, Spoof Protection and Branded Calling enterprise product suite, which helps equip businesses with the solutions they need to protect customers by branding and authenticating calls, as well as blocking spoofed calls.听

The addition of TN Insights to 花季传媒鈥 Telephone Number Reputation Monitoring service delivers an expanded set of key benefits to enterprises:听

  • Callout Practice Observation for Brand Protection. Access to real-time scoring and crowd-source feedback to detect potential spoofing issues ensures enterprises receive alerts when a telephone number is being abused for rapid mitigation.听听
  • Calling Reputation Analysis for Business Continuity. Businesses that rely on voice calling reputation monitoring 鈥 such as financial services firms, healthcare organizations and contact centers 鈥 can ensure calls are not mis-labeled and reach the recipient by maintaining accurate reputation scores for telephone numbers.听
  • Calling Intelligence for Competitive Advantage. Enterprises glean critical intelligence from TN Insights to help drive higher customer answer rates, which can lead to increased revenue opportunities, improved agent productivity and increased conversion rates.

To learn more about TN Insights, and how its reporting capabilities can drive better business outcomes for enterprises, visit:

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